Monday, March 31, 2014

"No! One at a time! One at a time!" -Sheikh Mohammad Al Arifi


Shaikh Muhammad al-Arifi’ says;

See Sheikh Mohammad Al Arifi narrating the Event in Arabic;

He (a poor man) went on making tawaaf around the Ka'aba saying "Oh Allah forgive us and tajaawaz anna (??)" And so the poor man was supplicating. [Eventually] He became very hot and had a heat stroke and collapsed on the ground.

So they (people) picked him up and took him to the Ajyaad Hospital, opposite the Haram. They put him in the hospital - cool was the place with a white bed and bed cover and cool moist air was blown onto him.

After 4-5 hours, he awoke. Upon waking up, he turned right and left only to find the room all white. He looked to the bed cover, mattress and bed only to find that they [too] where white. The poor man smelt the smell [in the room] - and of course it was the smell of dettol - but it was better than his smell, and the smell pleased him.
So he assumed that he was in Jannah! (Paradise) [To which] he exclaimed: "Allahu Akbar! Ash-hadu anna wa'ad Allahi hakun! Al JANNAH! Al Jannah! (Allah is the greatest! I bear witness that Allah's promise is true! Al Jannah! Al Jannah!")"

He then turned to his right and found 5 Filippino nurses [standing there]. When he saw them wearing all white, he said: "Allahu Akbar! Al hoor al ayn! Al hoor al ayn! Al hoor al ayn!" [the women of Paradise]
The nurses didn't understand what this man was saying. So they assumed that he was crazy. [This man then] tried to get out of his bed, he took the bed cover [off him] and threw it down, to get to the "Hoor Al Ayn"
The nurses rushed towards him to hold him. So he told them, "No, one by one, one by one!" So the poor man thought he was [in Jannah/Paradise] with the Hoor Al Ayn!

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