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Important Principles Regarding Slaughtered Meat- RAMADAN AND HAJJ

Important Principles Regarding Slaughtered Meat
Al-’Allaamah Saalih As-Suhaymee

Questioner (Shaykh Ramzaan al-Haajiree):
Shakaral-Laahu lakum. There are many questions about the asl (origin) with regards to the meat slaughtered by the Muslims.
Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee:
This topic demands some stances and the applying of some principles, so that the muslims may be aware of their affair in such issues.
Firstly: the asl (origin) in the meat slaughtered by muslims is that it is lawful. This is a principle about which no person disputes, while overlooking the possible mukhaalafaat(contradictions) that he might have.
So what is the origin in this? It is lawful. And the detailed explanation of this is that the people or countries are divided into three categories:
  1. Muslim countries
  2. Countries of the people of the Scripture (Jews & Christians)
  3. Countries of idolworshippers
And the ruling revolves around these (three) descriptions.
So the origin of meat slaughtered by the Muslims, is that it is lawful. And even if some of them have contradictions or Shirk (polytheïsm) with them, especially in these times with regards to the worshipping of the graves, slaughtering and taking of oaths for the sake of it and the seeking of help with the dead and the likes. There is no doubt that this is Shirk!
But if you are present in Muslim countries, like: The Kingdom of Morocco, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey or Nigeria, because most of its people are Muslims. I say: if you are in a Muslim country, and the Muslims give you food, whether it is meat or something else, then mention the Name of Allaah and eat, while you are reassured!
And it is not permissible to be extreme in this issue and to leave the meat of the Muslims with the claim that they are polytheists; refuge is sought with Allaah!
Are all the Muslims connected to this issue and do all of them worship the graves?! Allaah forbid!
And if food is presented to you while you are in a Muslim country, then you should not ask! You should not ask about who slaughtered or ask about the man who came with this slaughtered meat; is he from those who connect themselves to the graves and go to them and supplicate to its people or not? Because, like I said, the origin of the slaughtered meat of the Muslims is what? It is lawful, without dispute! The meat slaughtered by the Muslims is lawful. And you concern yourself with the apparent (i.e. the outer), and Allaah takes care of the secrets (i.e. the inner).
This reminds me of some people, when a funeral from the funerals of the Muslims is brought, he then goes asking: “He used to pray or not? Did he have this and that?” You should not ask! You should not ask! The origin of a Muslim is as-salaamah (soundness). When the funeral of a Muslim is brought, then pray upon him. And you are not responsible for what is beyond that.
Also with regards to the slaughtered meat: the meat slaughtered by Muslims is lawful. So when it is presented to you, then eat from it without asking! Without any questioning or asking for details. Except in one situation; if you saw him with your own eyes doing this, and you are certain that he is from those who slaughter for the graves or worship them besides Allaah by asking them for help. In this situation it is better to stay away [from eating it], even if it is said to return back to the issue of “is he excused or not?”, but this another issue. Rather, if you are sure and you saw him doing this, then stay away [from eating it]. As for the general meat slaughtered by the Muslims and their restaurants, food and drinks… And while you are going around the earth and each time you enter a restaurant you want to ask: “Who slaughtered? Who skinned? Who did this and that?” In reality, I don’t know anyone from the people of knowledge who has said this, never!
As for the people of the Scripture, then it’s also lawful, as long as we didn’t see them electrocute it or that it was killed by a voilent blow and the likes. So if we have seen this, then we don’t eat. But if the meat comes to us and we don’t know [how they slaughtered it], then we just eat from it. Because Allaah – ‘azza wa jalla – says:
“The food (slaughtered cattle, eatable animals) of the people of the Scripture is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them.” [Surah al-Maa'idah (5): verse 5]
So if the people of the Scripture come to you with food, that doesn’t have pork or alcohol in it, then you eat from it. Except in one situation where you yourself saw that the food was slaughtered as a sacrifice for other than Allaah, then stay away from [eating] it. But if they initially came with this food to you, then you just eat it.
The Prophet – salla Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – was asked:
“We recieve food but we don’t know if the Name of Allaah has been mentioned on it or not?” [This was asked] before Islaam was fully established and while there were polytheists in the Arabian Peninsula. So what did the Prophet – salla Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – say? “Mention the Name of Allaah on it and eat it.”
Thirdly: when I am in a country of the idolworshippers, like China, Vietnam, Laos and some parts of India, with worshippers of Buddha and the likes; here you don’t eat [their meat]! Except if one of the Muslims or people of the Scripture comes to you with food. But with them [idolworshippers], it is obligatory to ask for details! If it is with those idolworshippers, then you must ask for details in this situation.
So the Muslims have to fear Allaah in the issue of fataawaa (verdicts) with regards to this topic and others. And they must return back to the scholars who are grounded in knowledge, so that they may clarify the truth to them with its proof. And instead of ingaging in an issue where the person is not fit to give fataawaa or speak about it… And it is from the calamities that the small students of knowledge like us do not return back to the scholars who are grounded in knowledge and who research their fataawaa. And he comes and engages in giving fataawaa; this is from the great [sins].
May Allaah grant all of us succes to what He loves and what He is pleased with. And may Allaah raise the rank of our Prophet Mohammed and grant him peace.

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