Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Awatif al Hasmi's perfomance on SALAH WORKSHOP-Fatima Diaby

Asalama Laykum waRahmatullah wa Barakatuhu

Mubarak! Bravo! Beliisima! Excellentissimo!!!To say the least, could not qualify the amazing Sister Awatif ' s performance at the Salah Workshop this morning!Indeed it was a Fadl min Allah!

Set in a sober decor within the precinct of a masjid, these 2 hours long lectures seemed like 20 MN.
Captivating with her aura and ease at relating the Sahaba adventurous yet deep incidents, switching with prowess between English and Arabic quotes ,or using her projector to display hadith, ayahs and some videos from YouTube ,it is however the content of her lecture that left the attendees' eyes wet yet wanting for more.

How can one pray without Khushoo? She starts “The similitude would be like a body without its soul."

Yes!! She had not come to teach us how to make Wudhu or make a demonstration of prayer but she had come to help us BRING THE SOUL BACK  of our prayers. Every word she says counted; well measured, and straight to the point. Every authentic hadith was beautiful, and to justify this excessive beauty she recalled “Allah is Jameel (beauty) and love what is jameel (beautiful)".

Many advices were given to attain the state of khushoo starting from the Adhan.
The peak of this lecture was probably when Bilal (RAA) was depicted in all the grandeur of his faith.

"Hypersensitive all the way to the tip of her description of Bilal (RAA), she played with the intonation of her voice, as well as with the image and sound of her Adhan video, with the constant goal of enlightening the observers (that we all were) about the true emotions, life and role model that Our beloved Habib Mustafa (SAW) and his Sahaba embodied. It was just brilliant!! Never had I seen such a tribute paid to this sahaba who was the Main caller to Prayer and to whom the prophet lovingly said:"O Bilal comfort us by the call to prayer!!".
While tears flew like water , this Pioneer Dai in Dubai, Awatif al Hashmi (may Allah bless her) continued, until she touched the hearts. Goosebumps were felt.
This lecture surely went for most, skin deep, and as if it was not emotional enough , the Muadhin suddenly called for Dhur prayer"Allah Akbar,Allah Akbar"!
     Subhanallah!How Allah has been generous to Us!
She concluded :"to be continued"!

If you've missed today lecture (Koi baat nahin)
 You are Welcome tomorrow as the workshop continues up to 19th;
 perhaps ...you'll taste the blessing to attend her Halaqa.

Fatima Diaby

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