Saturday, September 21, 2013

your present as promise: A book

Asalama Laykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu

May ALLAH grant us all great Akhlaq, Emaan qawwi, and husn khatema Ameen
read the beautiful story below
remember your adhkar before bed
and download your present inshallah

1-Story : Satan talking to Imam Ahmed on his death bed

Asalama laykum
to sweeten your evening, a little book to correct our aqeedah 
“When death approached my father, I sat with him and in my hand was a scrap of cloth with which I wanted to tie his beard and he began to drift in and out of consciousness, then he opened his eyes and said, indicating with his hand: “No, not yet. No, not yet” And he repeated it three times. After the third repetition ,I said to him: Oh, my father! What is this thing which you have said at this time? You fall into unconsciousness so that we say that you have gone,then you return (to consciousness) and say: “No, not yet. No, not yet”
He said to me : Oh, my son! Do you not know?” I said: “No”.
He said :” Satan – May Allah’s curse be upon him – stood before me, he lowered himself on his knuckles and said to me:”Oh, Ahmad! You have eluded me.” But I replied: “No, not yet, not yet until I die.”

2-Your Present your book

i would like for you to read this book, and i was privately enquire about the ruling of reading quran for the dead this week.May AAllah increase us all in knowledge Ameen

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