Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When the Prophet ﷺ would go to Mount Hira to meditate, how did he meditate?

In the third hadith found in Imam Bukhari’s Sahih we find the following narration from Aiesha (Allah be pleased with her): “The commencement of the Divine Inspiration to Allah’s Messenger was in the form of good dreams which came true like bright day light, and then the love of seclusion was bestowed upon him. He used to go in seclusion in the cave of Hira where he used to worship (Allah alone) continuously for many days before his desire to see his family.”
Ibn Hajar (Allah have mercy on him) commented on this hadith saying that the word used for “Worship Allah alone,” (yatahanath) is actually a synonym for the word Yathanaf. This word literally means to be on the way of Ibrahim (Allah bless him and give him peace). In other words, the Prophet (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) was worshipping Allah on the last remnants of the true Abrahamic faith that was left amongst his people.
We ask Allah to lighten our hearts and make us from those who drink from the Prophet’s hands–Allah bless him and give him peace.

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