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Does a magician charm the eyes of the audience or does his Sihr (sorcery) go beyond this

Does a magician charm the eyes of the audience or does his Sihr (sorcery) go beyond this?
Q 3: We heard that ticks are part of Sihr, as those who pull cars with their hair. Does a sorcerer only bewitch the eyes of the audience who sit with him or his Sihr exceeds to include the eyes of those who do not attend the show? Indeed, we watch on TV those who pull a car with their hair or mouth. We are not with them and are away from their sorcery. What does this mean? May Allah reward you!A: Sorcerers bewitch the audience who witness their Sihr. There may be devils that assist them in their Sihr but the audience can not see that because devils can see us but we can not see them.

Tricking the eyes is part of their sleight of hand such as pulling out a bird from their pockets, mouths, eggs, and so on. This kind of Sihr only bewitches people's eyes but the reality is different.

Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) says about the sorcerers of Pharaoh inSurah Al-A`raf: He [M�s� (Moses)] said: "Throw you (first)." So when they threw, they bewitched the eyes of the people, and struck terror into them, and they displayed a great magic. A

llah (Exalted be He) also says inSurah Ta-Ha: They said: "O M�s� (Moses)! Either you throw first or we be the first to throw?" [M�s� (Moses)] said: "Nay, throw you (first)!" Then behold! their ropes and their sticks, by their magic, appeared to him as though they moved fast.

Pulling heavy things with a piece or two of one's hair may also be a form of sorcery that is done by the help of Satan while people can not see. Indeed, they pull these heavy matters and help him because devils have other ways with which Allah (Exalted be He) enabled them without being seen.

They do the same thing to help their human supporters. Allah (May He be Glorified and Exalted) says: O Children of Adam! Let not Shait�n (Satan) deceive you, as he got your parents [Adam and Haww�‘ (Eve)] out of Paradise, stripping them of their raiments, to show them their private parts. Verily, he and Qab�luhu (his soldiers from the jinn or his tribe) see you from where you cannot see them. Verily, We made the Shay�tin (devils) Auliy�‘ (protectors and helpers) for those who believe not.

We ask Allah for safety!
Fatwa of Allamah Ibn Baz>Volume 8>Questions and answers on sorcery, soothsaying, astrology, and so on>Does a magician charm the eyes of the audience or does his Sihr sorcery go beyond this

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