Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Prophet's wives all knew of the Prophet's love for Aishah and they talked about this love with pure intentions and pure souls. Because of this love, they used to always turn to Aishah if the Prophet (pbuh) was angry with any one of them so that she could ask the Prophet (pbuh) to absolve.. 

Safiyya Bint Hoyaii, one of the Prophet's wives, went to Aishah one day because the Prophet was angry with her for something. She said to Aishah:

.Oh Aishah! Would you ask the Prophet to forgive me and I will give you my day with him?.

Aishah agreed.

She got up and dressed in a nice dress that was adorned with saffron, a plant that has the smell of perfume. She sprinkled it with water so that the smell would create an aroma. She then approached the Prophet (pbuh) and sat beside him. He said: Aishah move away from me for today is not your day.. She told him about the deal between her and Safiyya. She shrugged and said: .He [Allah] bestows it upon whom He wills.. (Surat Al Jumu.ah, 4). The Prophet (pbuh) laughed and forgave Safiyya.

Source: "Glimpses From the Lives of the Sahaba and Tabi'een, 'A'ishah, Mother of the Believers." By Dr. M. Jilani. Taiba Publishers, 2003.

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