Sunday, November 16, 2014

Arabic Language Is The Best Expressive Language

I know it is a delight to see Ustadha Fatima Mastering Grammar  or  Hanana doing Her conversational Arabic!isn't it!
Arabic does it all for itself! it is the most Beautiful  LANGUAGE Subhanallah!!!

Arabic Language Is The Best Expressive Language : Shaykh Muhammad Sa’eed Raslan
Among the exclusive features of the Arabic Language:
Enrichment of vocabs that relatively express interconnected meanings:
Arabic language is distinguished with the Enrichment of vocabs that express a particular object; in other words, it’s linguistically defined as ‘‘. These vocabs were originally created by the various Arabian tribes. Evidently, after exploring the number of vocabs designated to describe the camel (i.e. the companion of the Arabian in desert) and whatever relates to it, the findings’ result revealed a number over 5644 words just for the camel.
Moreover, the number of letters that constitute an Arabic word is few whether this word is a verb, a noun or a preposition. The minimum of letters in a word is a single letter while the maximum is seven letters.
The linguistic outcome reaped from such Enrichment of vocabs in addition to the wide spectrum of figurative speech in Arabic language helped in empowering the person in expressing himself very efficiently in one aspect; and helped in entitling the Arabic language as the best expressive language from another aspect.
The lexicon of ‘Lisan al-’Arab’ is composed of 80 thousand entries. Some scholars maintain that Arabic language is composed of 400 thousand entries.
Source: ‘the excellence of Arabic‘ by sheikh: Muhammad Sa’eed Raslan: page: 170-171.
Translated by: Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misri

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