Monday, May 13, 2013

BEAUTY OF the Gifts of ALLAH

One  old man, was, once was traveling and needed to stay somewhere overnight. When he went to the masjid, the guard  denied him entrance.
the old man tried numerous times, but the guard did not accept his requests. Frustrated, he resolved to spend the night in the masjid yard. The guard became furious and dragged him away, despite the old age and frailty of this old man .

A baker, whose shop was nearby, watched this scene and took pity on the old man and invited him to stay with him for the night. 
While there, the  old man noticed that the baker continually made istighfar (asking for Allah’s forgiveness) while working, and in the morning, the  old man eagerly asked his host about the latter’s continual seeking of forgiveness. The baker said it had become like second nature, and the  old man then asked whether the baker had experienced any reward from this practice(Making lots of istighfaar).
The baker answered, By Allah! No duaa (supplication to God) I made except that it was answered but one.(All his duaas were answered except one dua!)
And what is that duaa? asked  the old man.
To be able to see the famous  Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal!
the old man interjected ", He is standin in front of you(it's me) !
He then went on to add:By Allah! I was dragged to your place so that you can have your dua come true!!
( because imam ahmed was literaly being dragged away from the masjid towards the baker)

Your Reminder Fatima who love you all for the sake of Allah Red rose

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