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Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad صلى ا عليه و سلم By Sheikh Ali Al Haddad Translated by Abdullah Boyd

((The first khutbah))
As for what follows:
From the signs of the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم is that Allah aided him with miracles that were beyond human capability in order for this to be a proof of his truthfulness, and to increase the faith of those who already believed in him, and to establish an argument against those who opposed and disbelieved in him.
And Allah aided our Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم with many miracles, and there is no doubt that the greatest of the miracles is the Noble Quran, which shall remain until Allah decrees to raise it up shortly before the Day of Judgment. And the effects of knowing the miracles of the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم is that will increase the believers’ faith concerning him; therefore I wanted to remind myself and you about some of these
Splitting of the moon:
And from the miracles of the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم is the splitting of the moon; and this occurred when the pagans requested that the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم show them a sign, so he split the moon into two segments, a segment of the right of Hiraa mountain and a segment on the left of it. But still they did not believe, rather they said, ‘Muhammad has bewitched us’. And Allah spoke the truth about them when He said, ‘ الظّالِمِينَ بِآيَاتِ اِّ يَجْحَدُونَ فَإِنّهُمْ ل يُكَذّبُونَكَ وَلَكِنّ “It is not you that they deny, but it is the Verses (the Qur’an) of Allah that the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrongdoers) deny.” (Chapter 6 verse 33) Ibn Kathir mentioned that there was built in India a temple, and on the night the moon was split it was written about on this temple, therefore this is proof that the splitting of the moon was not only sighted by the people of Mecca. Rather, it was sighted by those whom Allah had decreed for it to be sighted by.
Flowing of water from between his noble fingers :
And from the miracles of the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم is the flowing of water from between his noble fingers. The Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم was at a place in the city of Medina called Zawraa, when a vessel containing water, the amount of which was not sufficient to cover the fingers was brought to him, and he instructed his companions to use the water to perform ablution. So he placed his hand in the vessel and water began to flow from between his fingers and from his finger tips until all of the people were able to make ablution. It was said to Anas, ‘how many were you’, Anas replied, ‘there were three hundred of us’.
Increasing a small amount of milk :
And from his miracles is his increasing a small amount of milk so that a large group of people were able to drink from it. It has been narrated by Abu Huraira (a companion of the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم ) that the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم passed by him and he noticed the hunger of Abu Hurraira’s face, so he instructed him to join him at his house. When Abu Huraira entered the Prophet’s صلى ا عليه و سلم home he saw that he had milk, so he was happy to find the milk due to his extreme hunger. But the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم surprised him by saying to him, ‘Go and invite Ahlas Suffa’. And Ahlus Suffa is a large number of poor people who live in the masjid until they are able to find means of their own. So Abu Huraira became sad because there was not much milk and there were a lot of people; and he was the one who was going to pour the milk so he would not drink until everyone else had quenched their thirst; that is if there was any milk left. So when the people entered, the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم ordered him to pass the milk around to them. One of them would drink until he quenched his thirst and then pass the milk to the one next to him until all of them had drank, and there remained from the milk that which remained. Abu Huraira said, “Then I passed the container of milk to the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم , he looked into the container and smiled and he said, oh Aba Hur (meaning Abu Huraira) there only remains you and I.I said, ‘you have spoken the truth oh Messenger of Allah’. He said to me ‘sit and drink’, so I sat and drank. Then he said to me, drink so I drank. And he continued to tell me to drink until I said to him, ‘No, I swear by the One who has sent you with the truth, I don’t have any passage for it’. Then he said to me, pass me the container, so I passed it to him and he drank the remaining milk.”
Increasing a small amount of dates :
And from his miracles is increasing a small amount of dates that were eaten for many years without running out. The messenger of Allah was on an expedition and hunger struck them, so he asked Abu Huraira, “Do you have anything?” I said, “I have some dates in my knapsack.” He said, “bring it.”So he came with it and scattered them on a rug made of hide and counted the dates, and there were 21 dates. So he pronounced the name of Allah and supplicated for blessings, then called the people to eat, so those who were with him ate until they were full, then he said to Abu Huraira, “sit.” So I sat, and he ate and I ate. He said, take some dates. So I put them in my knapsack, and he said to me, “O Aba Huraira, when you want something, put your hand in it and don’t pour it out.” Abu Huraira said: “So I ate from it during the time of Abu Bakr, and the time of Umar, and the time of Uthman,” and in one narration, “I took fifty wasqs from it in the path of Allah.” And one wasq is equal to about sixty sa`ahs, and one sa`ah is equal to about three kilos, so in other words, more than seven thousand kilograms.
Obedience of the trees to him صلى ا , عليه و سلم:
And from his miracles is the obedience of the trees to himصلى ا , عليه و سلم , even coming to his hand like a domesticated animal comes to the hand of its master.
One time the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم wanted to take care of a bodily need while on a journey, so he looked for something which could cover him, and didn’t find anything. And then he came by two trees on the edge of a beach valley with some distance between them, and each one was not enough to cover him. So he came to one of them and took hold of one of its branches, and said, “Obey me by the permission of Allah.” So it became like a domesticated camel which gets along with its driver, until another tree came and he took hold of one of its branches and said, “Obey me by the permission of Allah.” So it obeyed him like its sister until it reached the midway point, and he said, “Join together over me by the permission of Allah.” So they joined together, and when he finished his need, each one returned to its place.
And from his miracles is the yearning of the tree trunk which he used to give sermons on, grieving over being separated from the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم . In the mosque there was a tree trunk which the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم used to lean on and give the sermon. Then a pulpit with three steps was made for him, so when the next Friday came, the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم walked until he passed by the trunk and the trunk lowed with the lowing of a bull, and yearned with the yearning of a she-camel grieving over her young, over the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم , desiring him. So the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم returned to it and hugged it and calmed it down and quieted it, and the Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم said, “If I had not hugged it, it would have grieved until the Day of Judgment.”
And Hasan al-Basri رحمه ا , when this hadith was narrated to him, cried and then said: “O slaves of Allah, the wood cried for the Messenger of Allah صلى ا عليه وسلم desiring him for his position with Allah, and you all have more right to desire to meet him.”
Greeting of the rock :
And from his miracles is the greeting of the rock to him. On the authority of Jabir ibn Samara, The Messenger of Allah صلى ا عليه وسلم said, “Verily, I know a rock in Makkah that would give me salaams before I was sent as a prophet, verily I know it now.”
Prostration of the camel to him out of honor and love for him :
And from his miracles صلى ا عليه وسلم is the prostration of the camel to him out of honor and love for him. It is reported that Anas ibn Malik said, may Allah be pleased with him: the people of a family from the Ansar had a camel which they would make things easy for, meaning they would water it, and it would be difficult with them and keep them off its back. So the Ansar came to the messenger of Allah صلى ا عليه وسلم and said, “Verily, we have a camel which we make it easy for and it is difficult with us and keeps us off its back. And it thirsts for our crops and dates.” So the messenger of Allah صلى ا عليه وسلم said to his companions, “stand up.”
So they stood and entered the walls (of the orchard) and the camel was in an area, so the Prophet صلى ا عليه وسلم walked near it and the Ansar said: “O messenger of Allah, it has become like a dog! (Meaning like a crazy dog) And we are afraid of it attacking you.” So he said: “It’s no danger for me.”
So when the camel saw the messenger of Allah صلى ا عليه وسلم , it approached him until it fell prostrating in front of him, so the messenger of Allah صلى ا عليه وسلم seized its forehead, making it more lowly than it had ever been, and he even put it to work (meaning, watering the garden).
So his companions said to him, “O messenger of Allah, this beast who cannot reason prostrates to you. We have more right to prostrate to you. “He said: “It is not fit for a human being to prostrate to a human, and if it was fit for a human to prostrate to a human, then I would have ordered the woman to prostrate to her husband because of his tremendous rights over her. By the one in whose hand my soul is in, even if he had a sore from his leg to the top of his head flowing forth with pus and ooze, then she came close to him and licked it off of him, she would not have fulfilled his right.” Ahmad narrated it. I say, and although the right of the husband over his wife is tremendous, nevertheless he must have intimacy with his wife in a reasonable manner, and fear Allah regarding her, as Allah and His messenger صلى ا عليه وسلم have ordered with that.
Complaint of the camel :
And from his miracles is the complaint of the camel of the decision of its owners to sacrifice it, it was reported from Ya`laa ibn Marrah who said: “I was sitting with the Prophet صلى ا عليه وسلم one day when a camel came to him trotting until it established itself by him (meaning it came walking until it put its neck in front of the Prophet صلى ا عليه وسلم ), then its eyes welled up with tears. So he said: woe to you, see who owns this camel, for perhaps he have something to do with it.”
He said, “So I left seeking its owner, and I found that it belonged to a man from the Ansar, so I called him for him. And he said: what is the matter with this camel? He said: I don’t know. By Allah, we put it to work watering for us until it could not longer help us with watering, so last night we decided to slaughter it and distribute its meat.
He said: don’t do that. Give it or sell it to me.
So he said: It is yours, O messenger of Allah. So he stamped it with the stamp of sadaqah (charity) then sent it away.”
And it is in one narration that the messenger صلى ا عليه وسلم said to him, “What is with this camel that complains about you? It claimed that you exhausted its youthfulness up to when it became old, and then you want to slaughter it.” He said, “It is right. By the One who sent you with the truth, I wished to do that. And by the One who sent you with the truth, I will not do it.”
Testimony of the wolf for him about his message :
And from his miracles also is the testimony of the wolf for him about his message in clear Arabic speech. It is reported from Abee Sa`eed Al-Khudri who said, “A wolf attacked a sheep and took it, so the shepherd went after it and took it from him. So the wolf sat down on his tail and said: will you not fear Allah, taking away from me provision that Allah sent me? He said: I am shocked! A wolf sitting on his tail speaking with human speech?
The wolf said: Shall I not inform you of something more shocking than that? Muhammad صلى ا عليه وسلم is in Yathrib telling the people news of what has happened in the past.”
He said, “So the shepherd began to drive his sheep on into Madinah, and hid them in one of its hiding places. Then came the Messenger of Allah صلى ا عليه وسلم so he told him. So the Prophet صلى ا عليه وسلم ordered that we make salat altogether (meaning: ‘come together O people’), then came out and said to the shepherd: “Tell them.” So he told them. So the Messenger of Allah صلى ا عليه وسلم said: He has spoken the truth. By the One in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, the Hour will not be established until beasts of prey talk to people, and the stick lash and the shoe-laces of a person speak to him, and his thigh tells him about what happened to his family after him. Ahmad narrated it.
And it is not strange, O slaves of Allah, because Allah is Powerful over all things and if He wants something, He only says it Be! And it is. And the One who made the tongue speak, can He not make speak whatever He wills from His creation? Yes, of course!
May Allah bless me and you in the tremendous Qur’an, and may He benefit me and you by what is in it of verses and wise remembrance. I say this statement, and I seek forgiveness from Allah for myself and you all from every sin. So seek forgiveness from Him. Verily He is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.
(The Second Sermon)
As for what follows:
Verily, it is from the doctrine of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jamaah to confirm the miracles of the prophets and their signs which Allah has supported them with, and to believe in the specific examples of them that Allah mentioned in His book or that have been authenticated about our Prophet صلى ا عليه و سلم
And the aiding of the Messenger with miracles is from the profound wisdom of Allah, so the people can distinguish between the one who claims to be the messenger of Allah falsely and the one who is truthful in reporting about himself that he is the messenger of Allah. So verily the assistance of Allah to him with miracles carries the meaning of Allah the Exalted saying: verily, he is really and truly My messenger, and due to that I have aided him with these great signs that are unheard-of and beyond the ability of man.
And we ask Allah to make us firm, and you as well, upon belief in Him and in His Messenger and to nourish us with the best way of following him. Verily He is Listening, Ever-Responding O Allah… give honor to Islam and the Muslims…
Your Reminder Fatima who love you all for the sake of Allah Red rose

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