Friday, April 12, 2013


The Poet and the King

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah SISTERS
A lighthearted piece (not sure if it’s an actual incident in history, or just a story)…
ذهب رجل إلى الملك وأنشده شعرا
قال الملك: أحسنت.. اطلب ما تشاء
“A man went to the king (of his land) and recited some poetry to him. The king said, “Very good! Now ask for whatever you wish.”
قال: هل تعطيني ؟
قال: أجل
The man said, “And will you give that?”
He said, “Yes.”
قال : أريد أن تعطيني دنانير بمقدار الرقم الذي أذكره في الآيات القرآنية
قال: لك ذلك
He said, “I want you to give me a Dinar specifically equal to the number that I mention within the Qur’anic verses.”
He said, “You shall have that.”
قال الشاعر
قال الله تعالى : “إلهكم إله واحد
فأعطاه دينارا
The poet said, “Allah the Most High has said, “And your god is one God…” [2:163]
So he gave him one Dinar.
قال: “ثاني أثنين إذ هما في الغار
فأعطاه دينارين
He said, “… as one of two, when they were in the cave…” [9:40]
So he gave him two Dinars.
قال: “لقد كفر اللذين قالوا إن الله ثالث ثلاثة
فأعطاه ثلاثة دنانير
He said, “They have certainly disbelieved who say, “Allah is the third of three.” [5:73]
So he gave him three Dinars.
قال: “قال فخذ أربعة من الطير فصرهن إليك
فأعطاه أربعة.
He said, “He said: “Take four birds, then cause them to incline towards you…” [2:260]
So he gave him four Dinars.
قال: “ولا خمسة إلا هو سادسهم
فأعطاه خمسة دنانير وستة دنانير أخرى.
He said, “… nor are there five but that He is the sixth of them…” [58:7]
So he gave him five Dinars and another six.
قال: “الله الذي خلق سبع سموات
فأعطاه سبعة.
He said, “It is Allah who has created seven heavens…” [65:12]
So he gave him seven.
قال: “ويحمل عرش ربك فوقهم يومئذ ثمانية
فأعطاه ثمانية.
He said, “… and eight angels will, that Day, bear the Throne of your Lord above them.” [69:17]
So he gave him eight.
قال: “وكان في المدينة تسعة رهط يفسدون في الأرض
فأعطاه تسعة.
He said, “And there were in the city nine men…” [27:48]
So he gave him nine.
قال: “تلك عشرة كاملة
فأعطاه عشرة دنانير
He said, “Those are ten complete [days].” [2:196]
So he gave him ten Dinars.
قال: “إني رأيت أحد عشر كوكبا
فأعطاه أحد عشر.
He said, “When Joseph said to his father: O my father! Indeed I saw in a dream eleven stars…” [12:4]
So he gave him eleven.
قال: “إن عدة الشهور عند الله اثنا عشر شهرا في كتاب الله
فأعطاه اثنا عشر.
He said, “Verily, the number of months with Allah is twelve months…” [9:36]
So he gave him twelve.
ثم قال الملك: أعطوه ضعف ما جمع واطردوه
قال الشاعر: لماذا يا مولاي؟
قال الملك : أخاف أن تقول : “وأرسلناه إلى مائة ألف أو يزيدون
Then the king said, “Give him double what he has gathered and then expel him.”
The poet said, “Why is that, your highness?”
The king said, “I feared that you would say (the verse): “And We sent him to a hundred thousand (people) or even more.” [37:147]

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