Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Islamic Etiquettes – Manner of Supplication-

Asalama laykum sisters -let us learn the adab to be of those Allah love

1.    Praising Allah (الله   ىلع   ءانثلا):  cannot jump straight to saying what you want, should praise  Allah, especially with His names and attributes.
2.    Send blessings upon the Prophet (pbuh) in the beginning and end of supplication ( ىلص  يبنلا  ىلع  ةلاصلا
 ة ياهنلا  و  ة يادبلا  يف   ملسو    ه يلع  الله ): some say to even say it as you are ending your supplication,  always better to say it twice in the beginning and the end of supplication.
3.  Thing good about Allah (للهاب  نظ لا   نسح ): that Allah is hearing you and seeing you, and close to you, and
He know what you are feeling, and that He will respond to you.
4.  Confess you are a sinner (بونذلاب  ف ارتعا ): you have sinned and you are a slave of Allah, and you need
Allah to forgive you your sins.
5.    Determination in asking (ةلأسملا  يف   مزعلا): do not lose hope that Allah will answer your prayer.
6.    Ask three times (اثلاث  ءاعدلا): repeat the dua’a three times
7.    Pray with concise dua’ as (ءاعدلا  عماوج ب       ءاعدلا): the supplications of the Prophet (pbuh) are the best, most concise and comprehensive.
8.    Begin your dua’a and ask for yourself first and then others (هسفنب  يعادلا  أدبي  نا )
9.    Pick the best times for response of supplication (هبحتسملا  تافو ا  يرحت)
a.    Beginning of the last third of the night (ليللا فوج) b.   Between the adhan and iqamah (ةماقلاا و ناذلاا نيب) c.    In the sujood (دوجسلا يف)
d.   After asr on Friday (ةعمجلا موي رصعلا دعب)
e.   Day of Arafah (ةفرع موي)
f.    After the fall of rain (رطملا لوزن دنع)
g.    Last ten days of Ramadan (رخاولاا رشع): which includes the Night of the Decree

Oh Allah, increase us in guidance and keep us on the way of guidance until the last moment of our live and put
forgiveness in the hearts of those who read them. Ameen ya Rabb Al ‘Alameen.

your Reminder Fatima who love you all for the sake of Allah Red rose

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