Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to detect our faults? Shaykh Raslan

Shiekh Raslan said :
How to detect our faults?
1. To consult or study under a learned scholar who is gifted with insight in detecting character’s shortcomings. He will guide you to your faults and the means to treat them. People like this learned scholar, in present time, is rare and precious commodity. So, whoever is blessed with finding such person, he has made a discovery and should seize and relish this golden opportunity to the max and never let it go.
2. To dig for a truthful, insightful, and religious friend who will be like his mirror that honestly and sincerely exposes his faults. Umar ibn al-Khattab used to say, “May Allah have His mercy upon the person who guides people to their faults.” Umar also anxiously asked Hudhayfah [may Allah be pleased with them both] if he is one of the hypocrites or not?
The reason lies in the fact that anyone who is increasingly conscious of reforming his character tends to accuse himself of faultiness. However, it’s very scarce to find such friend with such quality in this present time; it has become very rare to find a friend who is honest and doesn’t hold envy against you.
The Salaf loved who points out their faults to them whereas we tend to dislike anyone who guides us to our faults. Such attitude is a proof of the person’s weakness of faith.
3. To learn your own faults from your enemies since they expose your faults out of hatred. The benefit acquired from an enemy who points out my faults is greater than a false friend who disguises your faults.
4. To intermingle with people and avoid whatever wicked morals they have.
Upright character” authored by Sheikh Muhammad Sa’id Raslan; pages: 41-42 .
Translated by:  Abdullah Ibrahim Omran al-Misri.
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