Sunday, January 26, 2014

Al-Qawareer!!! Look how much our beloved prophet (Sallahu alayhi salam) cared...

Al-Qawareer means Glass Vessels.

Prophet Muhammad SAW once travelling and the caravan included a group of women. Women rode in a Hawdah (like a private carriage) carried by camels. There was also a camel driver by the name Anjasha and he sings to the camels. He recited poetry in a beautiful way so the camels would walk faster. Anjasha raised his voice so that the camels would pick up the pace. The women rode in Hawdahs, a curtained box. Which would sway and Muhammad felt concerned. And he said, "O Anjasha, drive slowly with Al-Qawareer (glass vessels)" (Sahih Bukhari, Book 073, Number 228, 229, 230).

So Muhammad called women Qawareer because one should be careful with glass vessels when transporting them and to avoid scratching them because Qawareer are fine and delicate like women.

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