Sunday, January 12, 2014

Arabic or The miracle Linguistic miracle

 Asalama Laykum
I know i know with all the grammar through the Quran  we study these days aren't we left wondering?! with a Special JZK to the Ustadha, i would like to share this little piece with you!

What is the Arabic language?
Arabic is an ancient Semitic language, believed to be over 2000 years old. So it has had alot of
time to develop, and enrich its meanings and linguistic beauty. Some say it – the language- has
been inspired and preserved miraculously in its pure form. It has stayed firm and pure to its
roots, meaning that words and their meanings which were said over 1,400 years ago are still
preserved and documented for us uptill this day. Unlike many other languages where words
change meanings every few generations, and the meaning of the original word is lost. An
example in the English language today is the word 'wicked' which meant 'evil' last generation,
but in this generation it means 'good.' It may be that 2 generations ahead, 'wicked' may only be
recognized as meaning 'good', possibly making future readers of the language confused.

See how concise Arabic is?
Arabic is a language which is directly to the point, and removes all unnecessary words from a
sentence, so that only the necessary words remain for the sentence to be conveyed, spoken
and understood quickly. The example above proves this well.
What have we Learnt in this section?
1 - Arabic language is based on a Triliteral (3) Root letter system.
2 - Each Noun (Object) is infact a 3 letter 'Describing word', and if an Object matches a certain
Description, the Object is called by that Descriptive word. I.e. Sayyaarah means [Description:]
'that which always Travels' (= Car [Noun]).
3 - We have learnt that the Arabic language is Pure to its Roots, and words can be traced back
to their Origins from over 1,400years ago through Lexicons.
4 - We have learnt that Arabic is one of, or the biggest Vocabulary filled language in the world.
5 – Arabic is directly to the point and a concise language, conveying long sentences from
another language into just a few words of Arabic.


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