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Precious Muslimah

Precious Muslimah
Precious Muslimah
Weekend Islamic Studies Classes for Young Girls
Date: 08th February, 2014 to 14th June 2014
Time: 09:00 AM – 11:00 AM every Saturday
Venue: Dubai Women’s Association (Click here for the location map)
Registration Fee: AED 350 for the entire course
Age limit: 08 to 12 year old girls only
Transportation: Optional (with Additional Charges); available in limited locations (Further details to be mentioned after Interview)
Interview Date: 10:00am on 1st February, 2014 at KALEMAH Islamic Center.
Why This Course?
To help the young learners brush up the Islamic knowledge they previously gained, and move to a higher–more detailed level by learning about a deeper wide-range of topics on Tawheed and how to worship Allah correctly, as well as acquiring the correct Islamic conduct and character which make a person beneficial in this world and gain the Paradise.
About The Course
This course addresses our young learners from 08 to 12 years and focuses on the study of the Book of Aqeedah for Children in order to reinforce their belief in Allah, His Messenger and the beautiful religion of Islam. Another part of this course will focus on perfecting the purification and prayer which will help them taste the sweetness of Faith by understanding that the Salaah is the connection between the slave and His Rabb. Moreover two other subjects will complement this course, which are introducing Tafseer for children focusing of the small surahs of Juzz ‘Amma and finally a session on the etiquettes to adopt when acquiring the knowledge.
About The Instructor
Zaynab Diaby is a student of knowledge and a teacher of Languages and Islamic Studies currently based in Sharjah, UAE. She is a graduate from the Academy of Nantes in France majoring in Literature. She has over 10 years-experience teaching French and English. She took most of her Islamic education from her father who was an Imam and Professor in Islamic theology. She has also studied the Places of Articulations at the Otrojah Quran center in Ajman
She is currently enrolled in the Islamic Institution for Women's education: Al Misbah under the Department of Islamic affairs of Dubai. She also studies under Ustaadha Iman Al Obaid from the Al Huda Sisters Islamic center in Dubai & Ustaadha Dr.Qadria Kazim from the Enlightenment Islamic Center in Kuwait
* Language medium of the course is English.
* Certificates will be presented to the students at the successful completion of the course.
* Commitment, Regularity, and Punctuality is a must.
* Interested students must register & attend the interview at KALEMAH Islamic Center.


Villa 10, 9A Street
Muhaisanah 3
United Arab Emirates
PO Box 77147
+971 4 2644115
+971 4 2644611
Our Centre is located near the Baghdad St. & Beirut St. Interchange in Muhaisanah 3 next to Qusais 2 minutes from the Qusais Police Station. Directions from Emirates Road: Sharjah - Dubai direction; take Exit 61 (Mamzar, Qusais) onto Baghdad St. At the 1st traffic signal, turn right onto Beirut St. Take the 1st right after the bus stop into 9A St. KALEMAH is the 4th villa on your right.

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