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    A two-day conference, first of its kind in the U.A.E. themed entirely around New Muslims, a rapidly growing community, with more than 1500 embracing the faith every year in the U.A.E. alone (official statistics).
    New Muslims face unique challenges & have needs dissimilar to other Muslims. This summit is an attempt at raising awareness & providing direction to New Muslims & those born into the faith alike. For Islamic organisations &  du’aat it delivers training & tools to develop effective strategies & systems to cater to the needs of New Muslims.
    The new muslim summit is a landmark event in the U.A.E encouraging Muslims to “connect . engage . get inspired”.
    • about new muslim summit

      A two-day conference themed entirely around New Muslims, this event is the first of its kind in the U.A.E. New Muslims are a rapidly growing community, with more than 1500 embracing the faith every year in the U.A.E. alone, according to official statistics. 
      As a community, New Muslims face unique challenges and have a distinct set of needs compared to Muslims who are born into the faith. new muslim summit is an attempt at raising awareness, educating and providing direction to New Muslims and those born into the faith alike. It also aims to provide Islamic organizations and Du’aat with the training and tools necessary to develop effective strategies and systems to cater to the needs of New Muslims.
      Featuring multiple languages, multiple themes and multiple delivery formats, new muslim summit is a landmark for Da’wah and Tarbiyah in the U.A.E., encouraging Muslims to “connect . engage . get inspired”.
      • connect with the muslim community
      • engage with the scholars
      • get inspired to be the best muslim you can be.
    • New Muslims need awareness in the following areas:
      • Ways to deal with the non-Muslim kith & kin,
      • deal with legal, social and economic challenges,
      • reassess priorities in seeking knowledge, which is critical to strengthening their Islaam.

    why new muslim summit.

    connect to the Muslims around you. As a New Muslim, know that you aren’t alone. There are many others who share your feelings, challenges and experiences. At New Muslim Summit, realize the essence of what binds you all together. Realize the reality that Islam transcends all ethnic, cultural, environmental and economic boundaries.
    engage with the scholars. Knowledge is half the battle and easy access to authentic information is one of the greatest obstacles faced by New Muslims. The prevalence of competing and sometimes contradictory information makes you feel like you’re walking through a mine field. At New Muslim Summit you will get the blue print; what you need to know and do, and how you need to do it. You will receive a firm grounding in the essentials and receive the tools you need https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6080752958991077250#editor/target=post;postID=5158916252546962532to scale the spiritual heights of Islam.
    get inspired to be the best Muslim that you can be. Your knowledge and life experience make you the Muslim that you are today. Realize the responsibility that has been placed upon you as a member of the Ummah of Mohammed صلى الله عليه و سلم. At New Muslim Summit find out what role you have to play and how you can be of benefit to the Muslim Ummah and to humanity as a whole.

    who can attend.

    This event is free and open to all:
    • Muslims (Converts & those born into the faith)
    • and Non-Muslims.
      Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari is a Lebanese teacher and motivational speaker at Jeddah Dawah Centre, KSA. He has studied Aqeedah, Fiqh and Islamic sciences under prominent scholars in U.S.A. and Saudi Arabia. He teaches weekly classes in various Islamic Sciences and delivers the Jumu’ah Khutbah in Arabic and English.
      Born as a Muslim, he spent most of early life as a non-observant Muslim along with the rest of his family. He then migrated to U.S.A. for further education. As Abu Musab hilariously tells the story, “I got into all kinds of Hollywood-like situations in my life that time and good manners prevent me from elaborating. The bottom line was the fact that I joined an underground rap group called “Scums of the Earth” who were all Buddhists and I subsequently became a Buddhist myself. I suffered a lot for 5 years internally even though externally I appeared to be living a lavish life and enjoying myself.
      After reaching rock bottom and the epitome of humiliation, I got hired by a Lebanese Muslim gentleman who was running an insurance company. He treated me very kindly and helped me out a lot. He used to establish the Salaah and in turn, I started to pray with him out of shyness and as a token of appreciation to the assistance he provided me with. He would also take me with him to the Masjid on Fridays and I would listen to the sermons and become more convinced that the way I was leading my life was a destructive one.”
      Known for his use of humour and pop-culture references to spread the Message of Islam, Abu Mussab pulls no punches with the Truth. His no-holds-barred approach makes him a polarizing figure. He is extremely popular with young Muslims due to his ability to relate to their situation.
      Sajid Ahmed Umar has a First Class Master’s Degree in Comparative Islamic Law from the Higher Institute for Judiciary Studies (Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University), a Bachelor’s in Shari’ah, A Diploma in Arabic Studies and a First Class Bachelor’s in IT. He is an Instructor at Al-Kauthar Institute and the Director of Islamic Development at Mercy Mission World. He is a professor at Knowledge International University and is part of their Academic Management Team. He is also an instructor at the New Muslim Academy, a recently lauched e-learning academy dedicated to teaching New Muslims the basics of Islam. He is an Imam and Khateeb at the largest mosque in Zimbabwe.
      Known for his melodious voice, engaging style and jam-packed lecturing and teaching schedule, Sajid travels the World spreading authentic Islamic knowledge and calling the people to worship their Creator.
      Abdul Hasib Noor is in the process of completing his final year at the College of Islamic Law in the University of al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, following undergraduate study at UT San Antonio, with a major in Pre-Med and a minor in Psychology. He has held positions as a khateeb and da’wah officer in several masaajid and Islamic organizations in the U.S.A.
      Aisha Utz entered into Islam at the age of 20 years. Since then she has been involved in various da’wah activities, including teaching classes, giving lectures, writing books and articles, and counseling Muslim women and children. She has written extensively on the Islamic perspective of psychology and parenting, including several books, book chapters, journal articles, and dozens of magazine articles. Her books include “Nurturing Eemaan in Children,” “Psychology from the Islamic Perspective,” “A Prick of a Thorn: Coping with the Trials and Tribulations of Life,” and “Women’s Employment and its Place in the Just and Moral System of Islaam.” Having presented her ideas on psychology and Islam at a number of professional conferences, she is a strong proponent of integrating the Islamic perspective into teaching, counseling, and research. 
      Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She has developed several Psychology courses from the Islamic perspective for the Islamic Online University. Her educational qualifications include a PhD in Clinical Psychology from West Virginia University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies from the American Open University. She continues to be a student of Islaamic knowledge, taking knowledge from the senior scholars and students of Sacred Knowledge (through online classes and lectures, and books and articles).
    •  Kasalukuyang Manager ng ArRahma Islamic Center sa Davao City, siya rin ang Imam at founder ng Masjid Ibnu Abbas sa Manila Caloocan city. Nagsilbi rin siya sa kaharian ng Saudi Arabia bilang Islamic propagator at tagapagsalin ng humigit kumulang sampung taon. Siya rin ang representative ng IOU sa Pilipinas. Film Director ng isang Islamic media group na IIF (Islamic in Focus).
      Mohammed Tim Humble became interested in Islam during Religious Education classes in Primary School. After research it further on the internet he accepted Islam at the age of 14. Thereafter he went through a period of 4-5 years where he struggled to implement and practice his new-found faith. The Muslim community in his hometown was unwelcoming and unhelpful to New Muslims. In his own words, “One of the biggest problems we have in the Ummah is that we are excellent at selling the religion; we’re great salesmen…What we’re really, really rubbish at is keeping them in Islam once they become Muslim.”
      A suggestion by a friend sparked the idea of studying in the Islamic University of Madinah. During his first Hajj pilgrimage he applied to and was accepted into the University. He graduated from the Faculty of Hadeeth Studies. Notably he memorized and is certified in the six canonical works of hadeeth. He is also an accomplished Raaqee (exorcist). Based out of Newcastle, U.K., he travels the country lecturing and delivering courses on the Islamic Sciences as well as being extremely busy in administering Ruqya Shar’iyyah treatments to people.