Saturday, March 8, 2014

Can We Say A Specific Person Is From Paradise Or Hell? Part 2

 no one can really be assured that he is really saved from hell. the view of Ahlu Sunnah on this point with the words of Ibn ‘Abdil-’Izz.
I have found another statement, this time from Sufyaan Ibn Uyaynah (d. 197) who said:
“The Sunnah is ten things, whosoever accepts them has completed the Sunnah, and whosoever abandons anything from them has abandoned the Sunnah….. [and the last one he mentioned was] and not testifying that any Muslim will definitely be in Paradise or Hell (except with a textual proof).”
[Al-Laalakaa'ee, no. 312]

white days of Fasting 

the 13 14 and 15 of hijri for the 3 days of fast will be respectively 
   friday 14 and saturday15 and sunday  16 march

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