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The Carrier of Musk- The Dawah and Choosing the Righteous people ( الصالحة البطانة اختيار و الدعوة )

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalama Laykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Rahmatullah
Beautiful advices, and (May ALLAH bless Ustadha Eman for them) as many of us want /work in the dawa field and of course we all claim that it is for the sake of Allah.
We may not perceive the evil of our own self .Beware  these following lines about the Butan Saleh's worth's reading so we all understanding what is the real perspectives, as shaytan plays with us .and Make sincere Dua to ALLAH to be honorable carrier of Musk .
If we are ever blessed to work with great Daee May ALLAH make us BuTan Saleh.Ameen

  The Inner - Circle around the Da’aee           الصالحة البطانة اختيار و الدعوة )
 literally means the lining البطانة
of a blanket, skirt, etc. For example, a leader has an inner -circle that supposed to be  trustworthy and righteous, and is presenting the correct views of and to the
 Sometimes you can have a very famous/great or leader  da’ee but his inner-circle could be spoiling the message by making fitna and problems inside, because they are afraid others will take their position. or settle their own personal vendetta etc....

But they forget that Allah (swt) placed them and He can take them out too.

Subhan Allah.If you are in the dawah, then ask Allah (swt)to give you (الصالحة البطانة
the righteous inner circle because you don’t want people who work for you, or for themselvesyou want them to work for Allah(swt)
You want those who are giving you suggestions and opinions to
                        do it for the sake of Allah, and not for their desire
For example, Musa (as) supplicated to Allah, to make his brother Harun (as) to be his minister,
advisor, to be with him.
Surah Ta Ha 29
-34: ()("And appoint for me a helper from my family, (29) "Hârûn (Aaron), my brother; (30) "Increase my strength with him, (31) "And let him  share my task (of conveying Allâh's Message and Prophethood), (32) "That we may glorify You much,
(33) "And remember You much, (34) Moses (as) did not ask for this to be famous, but there mission was to glorify Allah, to negate all imperfection from Allah –they need each other to hear and see the positive about Allah and His actions
And remember Allah much. So when having someone within your inner -circle, you want someone who sees the perfection in Allah and His actions. Not someone who is negative and always complaining and picking on things (That the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "No one should convey to me anything regarding any of my Companions, for I love that I should go out to them while my breast is at peace.")–AtTirmidhi
People will stop learning/atteding gathering  just because of hearing something,  plotting etc..subhan Allah. That is why it is a big responsibility On the other hand , if you are a ( butana saleha)
بطانة) to someone, then do not do say things for desire. Do not talk with desire, or give opinion out of desire, and don’t bring any news about something or someone out of desire.
 Remember if Allah(swt)put us in this field, then Allah (swt) can easily replace us.
 May Allah make us say advice for the sake of Allah and not for our sake. Ameen.!

We are not a field to be in a battle with people, or to take people out. Different types will come and we need to accept all.

Even when you are in a group, and you are being asked for your opinion, you have to make sure that what you are saying is not for desire, because you do not know if your suggestion will be taken and implemented 

Subhan Allah.So make sure your intention is always for the sake of Allah.

Tips for the Da’aee

Types of People in the Dawah
(اقسام الناس في الدعوة):
Surah Al Qasas 83
 (That home of the Hereafter (i.e. Paradise), We shall assign to those who rebel not against the truth with pride and oppression in the land nor do mischief by committing crimes. And the good end is for the Muttaqûn ).In this ayah, paradise is made for those who are not doing these two things

not a single person in paradise will have these qualities.
1-They do not want haughtiness
on earth  they do not want to be higher than the people on the earth, which is very common. And nowadays, it is called ‘ambition’

we can do things for Allah, but it does mean we have to be the best.
How will people enter paradise? In groups so we need each other–not compete with each other.
2-Paradise does not have anyone who has the desire to be the best, nor does it have those who want to do mischief)
when you are in dawah, do not think where you want to reach except for paradise, and people will reach paradise in different ways. Some people will be in the way of dawah and they will reach the hellfire, may Allah protect us , ameen. Why? Because of their desire, they wanted to reach higher, to be most famous, etc

For example, someone in the field of dawah, and he wants to be the best, then he will be working for himself. Or you might have a center for Quran memorization, and different centers start to compete with each other by offering more, and then it becomes for the people, and not for Allah(swt)
.Subhan Allah!!
Sometimes you see people and would not think they would be people of paradise, and vice-versa,some people you think are people of paradise and they are actually of the hellfire. 
We ask Allah to protect us. Ameen. This shows you that we are nothing.It’s a scary feeling, but having this feeling acts a safeguard.

Always Remember that the dawah is a gift from Allah, it is not a job.

Ustadha Al Obaid

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